Clean exhaust air – less emissions

Shredder emissions are a ubiquitous challenge for all shredder lines. Many shredding plants hardly comply with regulatory requirements or have to restrict the range of scrap they accept because they fail to meet them. That fact fundamentally contradicts the principle of a shredding plant which is designed and made for processing mixed scrap and composite materials. Many plant operators, particularly in the U.S., whose facilities are operated without any exhaust air treatment, are faced with the challenge of how to integrate exhaust air treatment into existing plants and still earn a profit.

The patented AirTuning® process from SICON embodies a modular dry shredder dust removal system that meets all common requirements placed on dust, VOC and dioxin emissions. The combination with EcoRip™, the new SICON pre-shredder, and the systematic and controlled injection of water in the rotor chamber of the main shredder makes a scrubber unnecessary. Efficient cyclone separation with integrated explosion protection and downstream dry filter generates a constant low flow of emissions at unmatched low costs. Adjustments can be made to satisfy specific local regulatory requirements.

SICON also delivers conventional dust removal systems with cyclone separator and scrubber. Even this SICON technology stands out from competing systems due to its distinctly better scrubbing water filtration which, in addition to improving operational safety, also improves the efficiency of the scrubber. In turn, emissions are reduced compared to standard system concepts.

Input Material

Output Material


Advantages of AirTuning® (dry dust removal) at a glance

  • Lower wear rate in the shredder and in the dust removal system thanks to the integrated screening of inert fraction in the EcoRip(R) pre-shredder
  • Considerable reduction in risk of explosion
  • Reduced operating costs by eliminating need for scrubbers
  • Reliable reduction of VOCs and PCBs as required by the regulatory authorities in coordination with the customer
  • Modular system designed for later expansion to further reduce emissions – AirTuning® is a safe investment for the future

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