SICON wins German Excellence Award 2020

SICON was awarded for its latest development, the EcoScan Online. The jury underlined the innovative power and technical excellence that SICON has demonstrated with this development. Read more.

SICON LaserSort receives European Product Design Award

In cooperation with the European Parliament, the European Product Design Award honors the best product designers in Europe. The award was created to reward outstandingly designed products that improve life with their practical and thoughtful creations. Read more.

SICON receives a certificate from the Techniker Krankenkasse as part of its Occupational Health Management

Occupational Health Management (BGM) is the design, steering and development of company structures and processes to make work, organization and behavior in the workplace health-promoting. They should benefit the employees and the company alike. Certificate.

SICON awarded with German Excellence Award for B2B Products

The award ceremony for the 2019 Excellence Award for outstanding business achievements was held on the night of Thursday, January 24th in Frankfurt, Germany. The ceremony was attended by various topmanagers, start‐up entrepreneurs as well as many other public figures from different industries. The German Institute for Service Quality, the manager journal “DUB UNTERNEHMER” and the news agency “ntv” have awarded a total of 63 winners in 26 categories. More…

The second time in a row SICON was awarded the “Innovative through Research” seal of approval that is conferred by Stifterverband, one of the largest science funding institutions in Germany. This distinction is based on the body of substantial contributions made in research and development in Germany’s environmental technology field over the past five years.

Approximately 300 invited guests attended the “Entrepreneur Awards South Westphalia” in the evening of September 13th at the Symposium Campus. SICON’s owner and managing director Sebastian Schuelke was awarded with a prize in the category “Entrepreneur”. Dr. Bettina Schwegmann, Managing Director of the Maerkische employers’ association, praised the innovation and the constant positive development of the relatively young company: “Our award winner is characterized by a healthy and constant growth over the past few years, further, the company’s products are highly innovative and contribute to environmental protection. In addition, SICON is greatly committed to its employees and is engaged in volunteering activities in the regional community, which is very admirable.”

In 2016 SICON was awarded the “Innovative through Research” seal of approval that is conferred by Stifterverband, one of the largest science funding institutions in Germany. This distinction is based on the body of substantial contributions made in research and development in Germany’s environmental technology field over the past five years.

2015, SICON could look forward to a very special award; the company represented Germany in the framework of the European Business Awards in the category “Environmental & Corporate Sustainability”. The European Business Award aims at developing the promotion of economic innovations with ethical and environmental aspects in line. More than 32,000 participants from 33 countries submitted their applications for the Award.

In 2014 SICON succeeded with the VW-SICON-Process to achieve the final round of the German “Raw Material Efficiency Prize”, which is awarded by the German Mineral Resources Agency on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. For a raw materials- and material-efficient process SICON reached the round of the last eight companies in Germany. The German “Raw Material Efficiency Prize” by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy recognizes outstanding examples of raw materials and material-efficient products or processes.

2013 SICON succeeded to reach final round of the top ten in the prestigious “German Innovation Award”. This defines the development of SICON treatment methods for ASR Processing as one of the best innovations in Germany. The German Innovation Award is awarded annually since 2009 and is an initiative of Accenture, Evonik and EnBW, the magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy; the overall coordination has taken over the event forum of the Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group GmbH. The jury is composed of leading experts in the field of German innovations. The announcement can be read in the magazine Wirtschaftswoche, Issue 17 of 22.04.2013, page 78th.

2007 the VW SICON method was awarded the ÖkoGlobe by DEVK insurance for a particularly environmentally friendly and resource-efficient end-of-life-vehicle recycling. Patron of the event, the former Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel, presented the ÖkoGlobe in the category “The best disposal strategy”. After sorting the shredder residues by VW-SICON-Process, the recycled materials replace primary raw materials and thus contribute to efficient resource conservation. Besides the ecological aspect also the economic significance of the process develops; the recycled materials can be used among other things as granules for substitution of heavy fuel oil in blast furnaces and as fluff agglomerate for dewatering sludge.

2006 the VW-SICON-Process was awarded with the „European Business Award for the Environment“ by the European Commission. The award was presented for an especially environmentally friendly and resource-efficient End-of-Life-Vehicle-Processing. SICON and Volkswagen AG researched together with great success the processing of ASR from the shredding process, which means we have developed in close collaboration economic goods from former waste which could be interesting for future buyers as substitute for expensive materials like coal. Reported by, inter alia, the Handelsblatt (07.06.2006), the Frankfurter Rundschau (07.06.2006), the Kurier Motor (09.06.2006), PKW-news (6:06. And 07.06.2006), Green Week Daily (02.06.2006) and several professional journals.

SICON and Volkswagen® AG were awarded on 20.06.2006 with the BDI-Umweltpreis 2006. Heiner Guschall accepted as CEO of SICON GmbH together with VW board Bernd Pitschetsrieder the prize in the category circular economy, recycling and waste management of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. With this award BDI e.V. honoured the development of the VW-SICON-Process which is intended for improving the End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling. Radio Siegen reported on 21/06/2006.

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