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Scrap Metal Market Report – June 2017 standard

At the beginning of the month, those consumers appearing early on the market immediately started testing reactions on the market to both price reductions and to leaving prices unchanged (compared to last month). Consumers who entered negotiations later on in the month took advantage of increased stability on the deep sea market and the tangible reduction in demand for obsolete scrap by some consumers to push through considerably higher price markdowns.  More

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Scrap Metal Market Report – May 2017 standard

During May, in parts, long drawn-out negotiations led to unchanged prices or scrap traders were forced to accept markdowns of between €2 and €10 per tonne, depending on the mill and scrap grade concerned; this pattern became apparent in all regions. The longer the negotiations lasted the higher the markdowns. Most mills were able to cut price peaks, even though industrial scrap was certainly in demand and the trade was unanimous in reporting a weak inflow thereof; this appeared somewhat contrary to the official positive reports regarding coming from the real economy. More

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Scrap Metal Market Report – April 2017 standard

On the whole, the scrap trade was satisfied with the trading outcome during April, albeit scrap sales stuttered somewhat. Those mills which were of the opinion that scrap supply to their mill during the vacation period could be critical ordered their required amounts early in the month, paying higher prices compared to last month. More

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Scrap Metal Market Report – March 2017 standard

Negotiations started relatively late in March and market participants described their progression as long-winded and difficult. However, the mills’ readiness to purchase, the Turkish consumer’s market presence as well as the experience gained in February eventually led to price increases; the average price increases based on the price level in January were between €5 and €10 per tonne, depending on the demand level of the individual consumer, the grade concerned and the point of contract closure. More

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Scrap Metal Market Report – February 2017 standard

With hindsight the ebbing demand from Turkish consumers on the deep sea market and the emerging scrap price markdowns on the US Market, which both became apparent at the end of January, were the trigger for what market participants described as a stuttering February market. More

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Scrap Metal Market Report – January 2017 standard

German scrap consumers increased their offered prices during January, as expected. Although, they were not as high as many market participants had hoped for. The price increases differed depending on the point of contract closure, the scrap grades and the mills concerned, but on average prices rose by €30 per tonne. More

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