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Scrap Metal Market Report – April 2020 standard

The global measures introduced to contain the Covid-19 pandemic are unprecedented in the history of modern industry and the repercussions for future economic development are unforeseeable. The German Minister for Economic Affairs talks of massive demand and supply shocks which will reverse the economic upswing seen at the beginning of the year. These have already been felt considerably by the scrap trade, particularly in relation to scrap availability. ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – March 2020 standard

In the light of the uninterrupted spread of Covid-19, the economic environment is changing by the minute; what is considered as current and correct one minute can become obsolete and wrong before the proverbial ink has dried. However, it was clear at the time of going to press that the assembly belts in the European automotive industry will remain silent from the 12/13th calendar ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – February 2020 standard

It was a “bumpy ride” on the market during February. In the end, consumers paid prices averaging €20 per tonne less than in January, but the range of offered prices was extremely broad (depending on the point of contract closure and the individual consumer concerned); this broad price range of between €15 and €40 per tonne led to considerable agitation on the ...

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