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Scrap Metal Market Report – March 2020 standard

In the light of the uninterrupted spread of Covid-19, the economic environment is changing by the minute; what is considered as current and correct one minute can become obsolete and wrong before the proverbial ink has dried. However, it was clear at the time of going to press that the assembly belts in the European automotive industry will remain silent from the 12/13th calendar ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – February 2020 standard

It was a “bumpy ride” on the market during February. In the end, consumers paid prices averaging €20 per tonne less than in January, but the range of offered prices was extremely broad (depending on the point of contract closure and the individual consumer concerned); this broad price range of between €15 and €40 per tonne led to considerable agitation on the ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – January 2020 standard

Despite the continuing overall difficult market environment and the traditional shutdowns and/or maintenance work at the turn of the year, January scrap demand was good, albeit regionally very varied. Not all domestic mills were able to cover their demand during December, consequently those mills affected started off the January market with offered price increases of between €20 and €30 per tonne, depending on the mill and scrap grade concerned. In the end, compared to December, consumers paid a Germany-wide average price markup of €15 per tonne (free to ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – December 2019 standard

Despite numerous production stops, either as a result of vacation period or technical operational related shut-downs, total demand levels were surprisingly high, albeit demand volume from individual mills was very varied. From the middle of October up to the editorial deadline, Turkish consumers, showing strong demand (see Graphic 1), increased their offered prices by between 60 and 70 US-$ per tonne, whilst the first consumers on the domestic market attempted to purchase quantities at unchanged price levels or with price markups of only €10 - €15 per tonne. However, it soon became clear that price increases of this calibre would hardly be sufficient to secure the desired quantities, so that some mills consequently raised their offered prices by between ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – November 2019 standard

During November, market developments were both remarkable and confusing for all parties concerned. The difficult situation in which the steel industry finds itself was confirmed; the marked average price reductions seen during September and October of €65 per tonne, the consequent turnover problems and sinking mar-gins (as a result of rising costs and weak sales prices) are taking their ...

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