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Scrap Metal Market Report – June 2021 standard

June was characterised by long, drawn-out negotiations between market participants, high consumer demand across the board, a short supply of scrap and an unexpected marked jump in prices. As the month progressed, consumers became more open to demands made by the trade, especially those who were having difficulty obtain-ing their required quantities. Price increases of between €30 and €60 per tonne were officially registered, depend-ing on the scrap grade and mill concerned. ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – April 2021 standard

On 22nd April 2021 the German Steel Federation (WV Stahl) reported that March crude steel production reached almost 3.8 million tonnes; this represents the highest monthly production volume since March 2017, when 3.801 million tonnes were smelted. This explains the marked increase in scrap demand during March this year and according to trade estimates, April figures will in no way be less than those reported for March. ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – Febuary 2021 standard

At the end of January signs of prices weakening became apparent on the international scrap market. A few consumers attempted to take advantage of this in their domestic contract closures during February in order to counterbalance a large part of the higher prices paid last month; they reduced their purchasing prices by between €50 and €55 per tonne, compared to January. ...

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