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Scrap Metal Market Report – January 2019 standard

Price developments at the beginning of 2019 were very different to previous years; depending on the purchasing mill, the scrap grade concerned and the point of contract closure price markdowns of between €7.50 and €25 per tonne were registered. Usually at the beginning of the year there is a short-term increase in prices which leads to a high trade delivery willingness and consequently a downward movement of prices as the month progresses; price recovery is usually first noticeable in March... ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – Dezember 2018 standard

During December, depending on the mill and the scrap grade concerned, mills purchased scrap at unchanged or moderately reduced price levels, especially obsolete scrap. Although export prices fell by around €25 per tonne from the end of November to the middle of December, the weakening export market did not play a deciding role in contract closures on the domestic market...  ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – November 2018 standard

At the beginning of November, consumers were looking to buy scrap at unchanged price levels; however, continuing low water levels on Germany’s main waterways, good export possibilities and the fact that many mills were intending to build up stocks created a tense mood on the market which resulted in average price increases of €5 per tonne....  ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – September 2018 standard

Supported by their scrap accrual during August, scrap consumers were in the position to reduce their purchasing prices on average by €15 during September. In order to stock-up on scrap at attractive price levels, the mills had originally planned much greater markdowns in the light of low export demand and weakening export prices. ...

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