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SICON NEWS – SICON’s CEO Mr. Guschall supports scientific paper on HMS Cleaning standard

The pressure on the steel industry to reduce its carbon footprint has led to discussions to replace coke as the main reductant for iron ore and turn to natural gas, bio-syngas or hydrogen. Such a major transition from the blast furnace-basic oxygen furnace route, to the direct reduction-electric arc furnace route, for steel production would drastically increase the demand for both suitable iron ore pellets and high-quality ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – November standard

The tangible market recovery, which was apparent at the end of October, really picked up speed from the middle November onwards; however, nobody had thought that the effect would be so promising. Compared to October, prices rose from €25 to over €40 per tonne, depending on the point of contract closure, the grade and the mill concerned. Those traders who made an early start in November had to be content with lower price increases; those who bode their time were able to profit from stronger de-mand for European scrap from the Turkish mills from the 45th calendar week onwards, amongst other things. Both long and flat steel manufacturers reported satisfactory capacity utilization levels for the rest of the year ...

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Heiner Guschall, CEO of SICON GmbH gave a well-received lecture at the China Recycling IP Conference! image

At the special request of a Chinese cooperation partner SICON was invited to speak at the annual event a presentation entitled "Advanced ELV Recycling". The presentation was created in English by the team in Hilchenbach, presented by Heiner Guschall and translated by the organizer into Chinese. The conference was held in Guangzhou near the Pacific coast with ca. 200 spectators. Of special interest were the videos of the Shredder EcoShred® Compact and the unique Plastic Processing System Polyfloat®, which were integrated in the presentation. Heiner Guschall was pleased about the great interest and the many questions of the participants. These discussions are already promising contacts with Scrap-Processors regarding investments in new Shredder. During the event, the time has also ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – September standard

Those traders consulted described their September sales prices as more or less unchanged. Depending on the price level at the end of August, the mill and scrap grade concerned, the purchasing prices paid by the mills ranged from a slight increase, to unchanged pricing or even to reductions of between €2 and €5 per tonne (EXW). ...

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