EddyPro Series – Eddy Current Separator

The new standard among Eddy Current Separators

Eddy Currents are used for separation of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass from bulk materials of any kind. The separation is based upon induction of an eddy current into non-ferrous metals. Due to the strong impulse permanent magnetic field and the high rotating speed of the rotor, a separation of even the smallest particles and difficult-to-separate materials can be easily achieved with the EddyPro INP Series.


Your benefits at a glance

  • Excellent separation results
  • Strong and intensive impulse magnetic field
  • Centric and eccentric rotor design available, working width up to 10 feet
  • The rotor design is specifically adjusted to your application
  • High operational safety, extreme low maintenance cost
  • Idling of conveyor belt in case of voltage drop based an energetic recovery system of the magnet rotor
  • Simple splitter adjustments available in single and double configurations
  • Quick and easy system integration

SICON is able to offer a new processing line that increases the efficiency of non-ferrous metal separation and improves our customers’ profitability. With the introduction of the EddyPro series eddy current separator in the USA, SICON has set a new standard for the separation of non-ferrous metals.

Learn more in our product video!

Technical specifications

 EddyPro INP
EddyPro INPx
EddyPro INPxs
Application:30 – 100 mm
12 – 100 mm
0.2 – 12 mm
Rotor DesignCentricEccentricEccentric
Rotor Diameter400 mm 650 mm
650 mm
For Coarse Material
For Medium-Sized Material
For Fines and Ultra-Fines
Width500 – 3,000 mm
500 – 2,000 mm
500 -2,000 mm
Incl. Electric Controls
Incl. Electric Controls
Incl. Electric Controls

INPx and INPxs – High intensity eddy current separator

  • Using a rotor with increased diameter of 650 mm
  • Eccentric design for best magnetic flux utilization
  • Bigger magnet elements allowing higher magnetic force on outer shell
  • Reduced rotor speed (2500-3000 RPM) with increased performance increases metal recovery and saves lifetime of rotor assembly (bearings)
  • Separation of metal down to <0,5 mm



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