EddyPro INP – The Prime Eddy Current Separator

Eddy current separators are used to separate non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, brass, etc.) from bulk material. Eddy currents are generated by induction in metals. The extremely strong pulsating magnetic field and the high rotational speed guarantee superior separation results even for fines and inseparable particles.


  • excellent separation results
  • deep, strong pulsating magnetic field
  • centric (for high feed rates) or excentric system (for fines) available
  • design of magnetic rotor optimized to the application
  • high reliability
  • emptying of conveying belt ensured by generating power with the magnetic rotor
  • low maintenance
  • optimal combinations with other IFE devices
EddyPro INP
EddyPro INPx
EddyPro INPxs
Applications: 30 – 100 mm
Applications: 12 – 100 mm
Applications: 0,2 – 12 mm
Centric Rotor DesignEccentric Rotor Design
Eccentric Rotor Design
400 mm Rotor Diameter
650 mm Rotor Diameter
650 mm Rotor Diameter
10-Pole Arrangement
18-Pole Arrangement
36-Pole Arrangement
For Coarse Material
For Medium-Sized Material
For Fines and Ultra-Fines
Width 500 – 3.000 mm
Width 500 – 2.000 mm
Width 500 -2.000 mm
Incl. Electric Controls
Incl. Electric Controls
Incl. Electric Controls

The INP Standard Features

  • Control Cabinet including adjustable speed of rotor and belt
  • Belt misalignment detection
  • „Belt-runs-emptymode in case of power loss (no damage to rotor)
  • Adjustable splitter in 2 directions
  • Custom-Paint
  • Optional: SEW / ABB / NORD Motors

The INP Options

  • 2-Splitter configuration for shortand long-throw
  • Motorized splitter roller
  • Cover for belt (for outside operation)
  • Vibrating Pan Feeder with wear liners
  • High Speed Magnet Drum HPG for ferrous separation

INPx and INPxs – High intensity eddy current separator

  • Using a rotor with increased diameter of 650 mm
  • Eccentric design for best magnetic flux utilization
  • Bigger magnet elements allowing higher magnetic force on outer shell
  • Reduced rotor speed (2500-3000 RPM) with increased performance increases metal recovery and saves lifetime of rotor assembly (bearings)
  • Separation of Metal down to <0,5 mm


  • Iron and Steal works – Production of all types of metals
  • Recycling and Waste – Includes municipal and commercial waste, building site remains, scraps, light packaging and landfill remediation
  • Chemicals and Plastics – Applications in the fertilizer and detergent industry
  • Slag processing – Handling of Slag from bulk material
  • And various other industries

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