Single-Shaft Shredder

Most powerful and cost-efficient shredding

The single-shaft shredder fits the requirements of a variety of applications and input material. This type of shredding is best suited for dense and bulky material. With its slow-speed and high torque design, noise levels and energy consumptions a greatly reduced while highest throughput is being achieved. The big shredding chamber and feeding hopper with high load capacity, coupled to the SPS-controlled horizontal material pusher, allows for optimum material feeding to the rotor and increases efficient performance levels. The design of the shredder is further adaptable to specific material requirements and include, among other features, rotor- and cutting tool design and conformation.

SICON’s special design makes the single-shaft shredder easy to be install and operate. Due to their design, SICON shredder can be integrated in existing recovery operations effortlessly. We offer complete planning and delivery of additional conveying and separation equipment to ensure best possible performance and project handling.

Typical applications:

  • Plastics (mouldings, nuggets, foils, profiles, bales, etc.)
  • Wood (pallettes, lumber and carpenter waste, biomass, etc.)
  • Paper & cardboard (confidential documents, production waste, packaging material, etc.)
  • Aluminum (cans (UBCs), profiles, etc.)
  • Textiles & carpet (rolls, tiles, clothes, etc.)
  • Secure destruction of counterfeit items, defective goods, expired inventory, etc.
  • Cables & Wire
  • Alternative fuels



  • Highly energy-efficient at maximum cutting force
  • Shock-absorbing gear box housing – reduces stress on drive components
  • Rotatable rotor knives – can be used on different edges before replacement needed
  • Adjustable counter knives – consistent cutting performance guaranteed
  • Optional feature: form-outside adjustable counter knives
  • Fast-to-replace screens for precise size control
  • Divided shredder chamber bottom, reinforced with brass and PU-strips
  • Stand-alone control panel with SIEMENS SPS System, optional Allen Bradely available


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