EcoCut MS

Economic shredding in all variations

Synth Raspers are advanced, heavy duty size reduction machines combining the benefits of both granulators and single shaft shredders in one unit. These machines operate at medium (and optional variable) speed with high torque. This in turn results in minimum amounts of fines and also uniform product size. The machines are suitable for any kind of plastic processing and more commonly rubber residue, also with small amounts of metal contamination i.e. in tires. We offer different rotor configurations to suit the various applications. The edged blade is an aggressive cut which is well suited to secondary processing of tires to liberate tire steel.  The more conventional straight edge blade is ideal for granulating of rubber, cable and secondary processing of pre-shredded E-waste / WEEE i.e. circuit boards etc.

The EcoCut MS are applied in a wide range of applications, below is a list of typical applications

  • Plastics
    • WEEE-Plastics
    • Plastic fractions from ASR and Shredder Heavy Fraction processing
    • Commercial and mixed plastics
  • Pre-shredded tires – car tires, truck tires and OTR tires
  • Aluminium scrap (profiles, radiators etc)
  • Copper / Alumnium Cables with insulation


Standard Features 

  • Strong welded construction from heavy gauge steel plate
  • Maintenance friendly split cutting chamber design
  • Rotor & Fixed Blades can be reversed and adjusted so can be used on several edges before replacement
  • Oversized, outboard spherical rotor bearings – prevents bearing damage due to product migration
  • Precision machined rotors (different designs available)
  • Unterteilter Shredderkammerboden mit Messing- und PU-Leisten
  • Manual, electric and hydraulic chamber opening mechanisms – quick access to the cutting chamber
  • Replaceable wear plates within the cutting chamber
  • Stand alone electrical control panel – with Siemens or Allan Bradley PLC
  • Tested, approved and certified to the applicable CE / UL safety standards

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