VARISORT – Sensor Sorter

A full range of industry leading Sensor Sorters
for the Non-Ferrous Downstream

SICON is proud to be the exclusive distributor of SESOTEC sensor sorters in the scrap industry. Our long-standing partner SESOTEC, based in Bavaria, Germany, has been dedicated to delivering optimized technical sensor sorting solutions of bulk material to customers for almost 50 years. As one of the global market leaders for sensor technology, SESOTEC is committed to in-house development of new products to always ensure highest-quality of sorting results.

Depending on the task at hand, different detection sensors in the VARISORT are used:

• Multi-channel metal sensor
• Multi-channel metal sensor M+
• CCD color camera system C
• Multi-spectral near-infrared system N
• Dual-energy x-ray transmission system XT

With Sesotec as a technology supplier, we can draw on decades of know-how about separating detected materials. An adapted feed system helps to optimally distribute and settle the material on the acceleration conveyor to enable material fragments to be accurately removed from the flow of bulk goods by blasts of compressed air. It doesn’t matter whether the fragments are large or small: we’ve got just the solution you need:

• VARISORT BIG – for integration into typical NF-Downstream Plants after eddy current separation
• VARISORT WEEE – specially designed for sorting electronic waste and scrap metal
• VARISORT COMPACT – ideal for really fine-grained fragments

And that’s not all: VARISORT also allows you to combine different sensors for even more sorting applications:

• Sorting cables, coins etc.
• Separating Printed Circuit Boards
• Producing a mixed plastics fraction


Multi-Sensor Sorting Systems for Metal Separation

The VARISORT product family at a glance:

Sorting widthSensor units
1536 mm
M, M+, C, N, CM, CM+, CN, CNM, CNM+
1536 mm
1920 mm
M, M+, C, N, CM, CM+, CN, CNM, CNM+
1536 mm
1920 mm
3060 mm
M, M+, C, N, CM, CM+, CN, CNM, CNM+, XT, XF


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