(A)SR Advanced

The first step towards advanced (A)SR recovery

(A)SR Advanced enables you to recover NF metals more effectively from shredder residue. (A)SR Advanced is the consistent extension of the Zorba fraction separation process implemented in the (A)SR Basic system. Stainless steel, copper strands, printed circuit boards and cables are comprehensively separated to produce a waste fraction that is entirely metal-free.

The shredder residue passes through the following stages in a fully automatic process: separation of Fe and NF metals (eddy current separation), FinesTuning®, air separation, sensor-based sorting. Optionally, shredder residues are homogenized gently by the SICON (A)SR PTS crusher in the (A)SR Advanced+ system, which improves the metal recycling rate and cuts investment cost even further. At the same time, non-metals are rendered in a quality that facilitates recycling. In other words, the (A)SR Advanced+ goes beyond the classic sensor-based sorting process and marks the entry into complete (A)SR recovery.

Whatever version you opt for, (A)SR Advanced / (A)SR Advanced+ come with units that are optimally tuned to one another. A system that fits your needs to a tee. A system that simply fits, so that in the end well-marketable end products are produced. SICON does not plan a process around a machine, but each machine has a function to follow. This makes the decisive difference in the end.

(A)SR Advanced and (A)SR Advanced+ are also available as upgrades for existing systems. If you are experiencing a loss of metal in waste or frequently have to pass material through your system multiply times, then you should contact one of our experts. We also integrate our unique solutions into existing systems and thus considerably increase performance in terms of throughput, metal recovery and product quality.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Shredder residue processing in a single system (FE metal separation, screening and classification, NF metal separation, FinesTuning®, sensor-based sorting, air separation and material preparation)
  • Integration of SICON VariSort sorters (sensor-based sorting) for metal separation (optionally also for chlorine removal when non-metals are also to be recycled)
  • Pre-crushing by SICON (A)SR Liberator for gentle loosening
  • Optimum preparation for later sorting by the AirSort® sifters for separating light-weight material
  • Treatment and processing of non-metal fractions for the production of quality-assured substitute fuel or recycling plastics (optional)


Fractions at a glance

  • Zorba in different grain size classes
  • FE metals
  • Unshreddables (in the case of (A)SR Advanced+)
  • Shreddersand
  • Metal-free shredder fluff and shredder granulate for alternative recycling

Input Material

Output Material


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