(A)SR Premium

Perfection in the (A)SR treatment process becomes industry standard

A perfectly engineered system. Building upon the efficient (A)SR Advanced system, (A)SR Premium even exceeds optimum metal recycling by producing fractions sorted by different material types. (A)SR Premium is a system made for the future, which already incorporates future changes in the composition of shredder residue caused by further advances in electrification.

Where sensor-based processing systems normally reach their limits regarding a complete metal recovery (> 99% of the input flow), (A)SR Premium brings its inherent advantages into play. Instead of producing a Zurik fraction, metals (aluminum, copper, stainless steel) of the highest purity and high market value are yielded. An additional side-effect is recovery of non-metals in a quality that enables them to be reused.

(A)SR Premium is a strictly modular system leading to complete metal recovery as well as to the production of marketable non-metal fractions. The unique modularity of the (A)SR Premium process also enables step-by-step implementations or the integration of modules into existing plants.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Modular system with liberation crusher and separation into fines (shredder sand), fibers, plastics
  • Systematic refining of all three main fractions to achieve defined product qualities
  • Metals are separated into copper, aluminum and stainless steel and are recovered in high metallurgical grades
  • Optionally with plastic separation: (A)SR Premium+
  • Unique SICON support is also available with (A)SR Premium to ensure the marketing of metal as well as non-metal fractions


Fractions at a glance
  • Unshreddables
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper ground material
  • Aluminum ground material
  • Zorba
  • Shredder Granules for further separation of plastics or use as substitute fuel
  • Shredder Fibers for external recycling or also for use as substitute fuel
  • Shredder Sand

Input Material

Output Material


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