SICON at a glance

As a dynamic company we are proud to be pioneers in the field of innovative recycling Solutions.

Today SICON has the ability to change the scrap processing and metal separation Business. Our mission is to build the most reliable and efficient systems for the recycling industry, contributing to our partners’ economic success without compromising ecological factors. Our strategy is defined by the drive to develop processes that allow complete resource recovery from scrap. SICON harmonizes economic features with ecological aspects.

SICON’s core competence is the innovative processing of scrap and shredder residues; additionally we have successfully adopted our competence to density-based separation of plastics. All SICON systems have been designed, built and operated in our own pilot plant undergoing extensive testing for efficiency, wear and tear.

As a result, we supply what our customers really need, independent from any specific product range. Our range of services is not limited to machinery, but further includes addition of new equipment into existing processes or facilities as well as consultation throughout each step of a project-planning, commissioning and service. We know the materials, we know how it is to operate a recycling facility, we understand your business and are continuously monitoring related market dependencies.

At SICON we strive to deliver better solutions, utilizing the best minds, and implementing superior processes making us the undefeated Processing Experts.

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