More than electrified

The amount of electrical and electronic waste is growing all the time. That results in a wide variety of different materials, some of which are disposed of with conventional waste, but are also being made available for processing with the increasing expansion of separate collection or sorting.

SICON-e is a reliable solution for the treatment of electrical and electronic scrap in a modular system that is able to grow to suit your requirements. With SICON-e it is possible to separate not only metals such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum or PC boards but also recover plastic materials for reuse. The Polyfloat® process enables SICON-e to obtain product purity levels of better than 99% with plastic fractions. regardless of the color of the plastics.

Input Material

Output Material


Advantages at a glance
  • Processing of electrical and electronic scrap in a single system (FE metal separation, screening and classification, NF metal separation, sensor-based VARISORT® sorting, air separation and material processing, Polyfloat® plastics separation)
  • Integration of VARISORT® sorters (sensor-based separation) for metal sorting (optional removal of chlorinated and brominated plastics using the X-RT sorting process)
  • Polyfloat® plastics separation technology (product purity > 99%)
  • Generation of properly sorted PE/PP and ABS/PS fractions in a specific density of 0.9 to 1.4 g/cm3 – also suitable for black plastics
  • Gentle liberation of compounds by means of preliminary crushing in the SICON PTS-type hammer mill or the SICON vertical shredder
  • Throughputs of up to 10 t/hr possible

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