SICON LaserSort

Separate all your material down to its base metal alloys.

Separation of Non-Ferrous Mixtures.

A new era begins for the scrap industry with the business opportunities created by the SICON LASER SORT. The laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy is currently one of the most exciting developments within the scrap industry. The all-new SICON LASER SORT delivers a solution to tackle the growing demand for unmixed aluminum alloys and pure non-ferrous metals as well as the restrictions of the export to Asia.

Previously, density-based X-Ray transmission separation VariSort XRT was the only solution for the separation of cast and wrought aluminum alloys but was restricted by types of separable alloys. With its specific design the SICON LASER SORT can separate any specific kind of non-ferrous-metal in one single pass including recovery of 5000 and 6000 aluminum alloy series.

SICON LaserSort
Throughput2-3 tph per line
Grain size1“-6“ (25 - 152 mm)
Operation mode3-shift
Material inputNon-ferrous, zorba, aluminum scrap, zinc, etc
OutputAny clean alloy fraction
IntegrationOffline, stand-alone, including material presentation

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