SICON Management Systems

We as SICON do not only stand for the high quality of our products, but also for ethical behavior in dealing with our business partners, compliance with our quality standards and a willingness to be prepared for all emergencies.

  • Compliance Management System (CMS)
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM)
  • Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Privacy Protection Management (PPM)

Especially the engaging, albeit voluntary commitment to a Company Code of Behavior has become increasingly important in recent years. Therefore SICON builds here on a comprehensive compliance management system, to create a basis of trust for customers and suppliers. In addition to a parent code of Behavior our Compliance Management System describes and regulates compliance with legal standards and contractual obligations. We have clearly positioned here as a company, on the one hand to create an internal guide, on the other binding structures define that we comply as guidelines in dealing with international business. Our employees are directed not only by duty, but above all by pride to our CMS.

Emergencies cannot be planned, but reliability can. It belongs to our standards that you can rely on SICON’s prospective preparation as a partner, customer or supplier. For every imaginable scenario, there are solutions and our BCM includes the manual and the emergency book guides for dealing with these scenarios. The continuation of SICON and fulfillment of our obligations to you is our ultimate goal in BCM. So we make sure that key business processes are transacted fluently, in any situation.

Quality lives of continuity. The crucial element for sustainable success and satisfaction is a high and stable quality. Through a structured internal company organization, we ensure that defined quality standards in every area be respected – from planning to implementation and after-sales service. For this we have created internal control mechanisms and regulations, which each of our employees adopt to ensure the consistently high quality of our work.

The topic of data protection is not new at SICON, but has been firmly anchored in everyday working life since the founding of the company. Since 25.05.2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the new Federal Data Protection Act apply; Thus, these legal requirements form the new framework for the handling of personal data at SICON.

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