SICON PrimeScrap

Low-copper shredded Scrap – reliable and cost efficient

SICON’s PrimeScrap is used for efficient cleaning of shredded scrap to have meatballs, non-ferrous materials or non-metal materials removed from the main material stream.

Material is introduced on a vibrating pan feeder and is transported via chute to the conveying belt of the PrimeScrap where it is accelerated to 20 ft per second (6 m/sec). The material is passed on to the head drum which is equipped with a magnet system where it is being ejected. All non-magnetic objects are removed from the material main stream and are delivered to a separate chute.


Your benefits at a glance

• Reduction of handpicking costs up to 75%
• Improved quality of shredded scrap by reducing copper-impurities
• Quickest amortization periods due to additional non-ferrous profits reduced cut labor costs
• Easy and cost-efficient integration into any system
• Reduction of main material stream to roughly 25% for improved efficiency of sensor sorting or handpicking
• Lowest operating costs due to specifically developed heavy-duty design for the scrap industry

Technical specifications

Working width20” - 100” (500 - 2,500 mm)
Max. Input*up to 200 mt/h
* Depending on the shred density

Pictures will follow

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