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Scrap and (A)SR processing systems are subject to particularly heavy wear and tear. Only regular maintenance and servicing will safeguard the desired performance and operational readiness at all times. It is frequently not the age of a system that influences performance but rather the quality of the maintenance. SICON accepts this challenge and thus we offer our customers tailored service packages.

We provide our customers with competent advice for preparing and implementing individual maintenance plans and schedules. Implementation is carried out in coordination with the customer. That can encompass regular on-site maintenance and inspections of machinery and systems by SICON service technicians or even services on demand or should a specific need arise.

SICON moreover possesses extensive experience in repairing old systems. Even thirty-year-old machines can be restored to a state of repair that hardly differs from a new system. With mechanical revision or new control systems, SICON delivers the complete package for getting your system back on track and fully efficient again.

SICON also has extensive experience in constructing and repairing shredder rotors. Irrespective of the rotor’s size or type, SICON’s trained technicians can determine together with the customer the status of a rotor as well as the scope of the necessary repairs during a careful in-depth inspection. SICON workshops are considered some of the best offered in the industry and are a guarantee for extraordinary production quality.

Rotor repairs

A rotor is subject to heavy wear and tear. Depending on the shredder, scrap and maintenance, rotors have a service life of 500,000 tons and more. A regular and timely rotor repair can decrease operating costs and is usually considerably more cost-effective than buying a new rotor. By repairing more than 100 rotors from a wide variety of applications every year, we have lots of experience, making professional repair and maintenance of shredder rotors one of our core services. To this end, we offer as a system supplier everything from a single source from careful damage assessment/inspection through to delivery and installation.

Thus, you know everything will go smoothly:

Send us the following details via email to

➔ Complete findings of analysis
➔ Manufacturer’s name, type and age of rotor
➔ Photos
➔ Description of problem

Important! The general state of repair of the rotor is decisive for obtaining a general cost estimate. Send us as many photos as possible. That is the only way to ensure that we are able to provide a close-to-accurate cost estimate.

After we receive your information and evaluate it, we will send you a nonbinding overview of the estimated costs within 48 hours (usually within 24 hours).

Maintenance and damage analysis

Maintenance is essential and important for the efficient and successful operation of a shredder line. As a system constructor, we offer an especially comprehensive maintenance service based on our 15 years of experience for every area of your system.

Besides actual maintenance, you also receive a comprehensive objective report on the actual state of repair or your system. This report will not only describe how your system is currently running but will also include any short or long-term measures for making any noticeable improvements to performance and for reducing costs.


System optimization has many aspects that have to be taken into account. Whether you want to bring your existing system up-to-date with the latest developments, integrate individual machines into one system or are looking for a completely new individual system – SICON is the right partner for all of your questions involving the development and optimization of shredder plants.

Please do not hesitate to contact our engineering department in Hilchenbach, Germany. We would be happy to assist you.


Building and improving sophisticated systems is not the result of fast and spontaneous decisions. There is a strategy behind them. We would be happy to advise you with regard to all your concerns involving the optimization of your plant concept.

Product sales

Are you having problems selling your product or can only get rid of it by paying additional disposal fees? SICON with its extremely broad network of contacts will help you to find a consumer or expand your existing system so that you can produce a product with a positive return.

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