SICON WetFloat®

Your wet table for ultra-pure fractions

How does a wet table work?

Material mixtures with different individual densities are placed on the separation deck of the wet separation table in the middle. An even and continuous flow of water creates a waterbed on the deck. Light particles (e.g., plastics) float while heavy particles (e.g., metals) sink to the bottom of the separation deck. The floating particles are now transported with the water due to the table tilt to the lower deck end. The vibrating separation deck simultaneously conveys the heavy particles up the floor.

 Your benefits at a glance

• Separation of materials of different densities
• Metal separation from cable granulate (also copper to aluminum)
• Metal separation from electrical and electronic scrap
• Significant reduction of metal losses
• Constant product quality
• No dedusting necessary
• Individually adjustable tilt of the table for optimal separation
• Low water consumption through water circulation

Learn more in our product video!

WetFloat in action – Tested in our Technical Research Center!

Technical specifications

 WetFloat 2000 - 300WetFloat 2500 - 600WetFloat 3000 - 1000
Dimensions (cm)260 x 85 x 135340 x 110 x 135360 x 140 x 160
Dimensions Table (cm)200 x 30250 x 60300 x 100
Weight (kg)3207501200
Power (kW)1,533
Capacity (kg/h)300 - 400700 - 8001200 - 1300

Data sheet SICON WetFloat®

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