At the special request of a Chinese cooperation partner SICON was invited to speak at the annual event a presentation entitled “Advanced ELV Recycling”. The presentation was created in English by the team in Hilchenbach, presented by Heiner Guschall and translated by the organizer into Chinese. The conference was held in Guangzhou near the Pacific coast with ca. 200 spectators. Of special interest were the videos of the Shredder EcoShred® Compact and the unique Plastic Processing System Polyfloat®, which were integrated in the presentation. Heiner Guschall was pleased about the great interest and the many questions of the participants. These discussions are already promising contacts with Scrap-Processors regarding investments in new Shredder. During the event, the time has also been used for more in-depth discussions between SICON and local experts to deepen existing relationships and establish new collaborations. Heiner Guschall described these talks as “extremely cooperative, pleasant and primarily addressed constructively on future projects.”