Varisort M

  • Wide range of applications in munciple waste, wood, plastics, scrap and e-scrap processing
  • Reliable detection and separation
  • Modul-based solutions that are customer-oriented and product-specific
  • Conveying belt units with any combination of multiple sensors available
  • Highest throughput with adjustable conveyor belt speeds
  • Sensor-upgrades available future retro-fits
  • New user-friendly software based on an Octa-Core-Technology
  • Optimized pressured air and power consumption

Multitude of Applications

The VARISORT sensor sorter series can be applied to a multitude of application tasks across the entire recycling industry. Field-tested and proven applications include municipal-waste, plastics, scrap and e-scrap processing. The VARISORT sensor sorters separate mixed material streams into unified pre-defined fractions. The recovered fractions are a profitable of recycled material into the production cycle. The infeed material is being accelerated via an integrated conveyor belt to the detection site. The Control Unit of the VARISORT identifies the exact position of each object and activates the corresponding air valves to remove the targeted object at the right moment.

Another application example of the versatile Varisort CM is the recovery of cables and insulated-coper-wire (ICW) from shredder residue or e-scrap. Based on a combination of evaluating a metal signal with an object’s shape and color, the VARISORT CM separates wires efficiently at highest throughputs. Stainless steel is excluded from being recognized as wire by the VARISORT CM. The clean wire fraction, free of any undesired impurities, delivers impressive results for sub-sequent granulating steps.

PC & Circuit Board Processing

Separating PCB & circuit boards from ZURIK, ZORBA and other e-scrap can be easily mastered with the pre-installed application setting on the Varisort CM. Identifying objects reliably based on metal content, shape and color makes PC & circuit board processing economically lucrative.

Machine pictures

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