Highly accurate Z-box air classifier

Sorting materials according to density has just become more precise and flexible than ever. Developed by leading recovery specialist AirSort® not only separates fluff from ASR. It also allows precise separating of wood, foam and film from heavy particles such as metals and hard plastics. The clue is the combination of the zigzag sifter channel with a state-of-the-arte simulation model to adapt the system to your specific needs. This allows a precise and fully automatic adaptation of the air flow.

Ready for operation

AirSort® includes a dosing feeder, a sifter channel, a cyclone separator, air locks and electronic control system. You can choose between working widths from 800 mm (31 ½˝) to 1,500 mm (60˝). The AirSort™ is available with an off-gas air circuit or as closed-loop system depending on the sorting task.

Your advantages with AirSort®

    • Improved separation result through innovative sifter design
    • Increased swirl and loosening of materials
    • Sophisticated wear concept for sifter channel, cyclone separator and air locks

Your options with AirSort®

Sifter Channel  
Working Width [mm]4-Cascades6-Cascades
BASIC (off-gas)XX
Loop (air circuit)X


  • welded steel construction
  • inspection windows on both sides

Optional Accessories

  • bolted construction / adjustment of sifter channel depth
  • wear liner plates made of HARDOX / CRACOX
  • maintenance openings on both side walls
  • magnet vibrator for sifter channel

Cyclone Separator


  • Maintenance opening in infeed zone
  • Expansion space between the cyclone and rotary valve

Optional Accessories

  • Infeed and discharge zone made of HARDOX / CRACOX
  • Tearing edge
  • Maintenance door at discharge zone
  • magnet vibrator for cyclone separator

Radial Fan


  • Standard motor, IE3
  • Vibration damper and flex connectors

Optional Accessories

  • Speed monitoring
  • Anti-slip detection of pulley


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