Twin-Shaft Shredder

High torque – high throughput

Economical Shredding

The twin-shaft shredder is based on the principle of slow speed and high torque. This approach reduces both noise levels as well as power consumption while achieving highest throuputs. SICON’s twin-shaft shredders are best suited for bulky and big material that includes impurities such as rocks and other metals.

Typical applications:

  • Mixed-Scrap Shredding
  • Breaking scrap bales for further processing steps
  • Pre-Shredding of E-Scrap
  • Pre-processing of bulky scrap such as barrels
  • Pre-Processing of Wood


  • Slow Speed – high torque shredding Approach
  • Reduced dust emissions and noise levels
  • Heavy-duty and easy-accessible design
  • Shock-absorbing gear box housing – reduces stress on drive components
  • 2-piece bearing housing – quick and easy access to rotor and bearings
  • Adjustable sealing system – protects from foreign particles and guarantees long bearing lifetime
  • Stand-alone control panel with SIEMENS SPS System
  • Available with optional electrical or hydraulic drive


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