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Scrap Metal Market Report – August 2021 link

Due to the summer vacation period and/or maintenance downtime both consumer scrap demand and scrap inflow from industry and collection companies were weaker during August. Some mills used their reduced demand to lower their offered prices, whereby the price reductions for industrial scrap, which is still in short supply, were much less than those made for obsolete scrap. ...

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Scrap Metal Market Report – July 2021 standard

June was characterised by long, drawn-out negotiations between market participants, high consumer demand across the board, a short supply of scrap and an unexpected marked jump in prices. As the month progressed, consumers became more open to demands made by the trade, especially those who were having difficulty obtain-ing their required quantities. Price increases of between €30 and €60 per tonne were officially registered, depend-ing on the scrap grade and mill concerned. ...

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SICON NEWS – SICON’s CEO Mr. Guschall supports scientific paper on HMS Cleaning standard

The pressure on the steel industry to reduce its carbon footprint has led to discussions to replace coke as the main reductant for iron ore and turn to natural gas, bio-syngas or hydrogen. Such a major transition from the blast furnace-basic oxygen furnace route, to the direct reduction-electric arc furnace route, for steel production would drastically increase the demand for both suitable iron ore pellets and high-quality ...

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