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Steel- and metalrecycling

SICON is a medium-sized machine and plant manufacturer with an international orientation and focus on the development and implementation of customer-specific solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing in the scrap and steel industry. Founded in 1998 as a planning and consulting office, SICON today offers as a manufacturer and supplier the complete spectrum of scrap and metal processing, ranging from shredding to the separation of all materials according to type. Due to close customer contacts, the SICON team has continuously and consistently developed new and pioneering solutions for our industry. Today, with the EcoShred® series, the EcoScan® Online, the SICON LaserSort, the VW-SICON process and many other products, we are the innovation leader in our industry.

Our solutions are determined by the requirements and wishes of our customers. We see our customers as long-term partners. Our products are designed to benefit our customers in their daily operations and offer decisive competitive advantages. The success of our customers is the driving force behind our constant product optimization and innovation. Our products are the result of interaction with our customers – listening and watching. Functionality and performance are in the foreground.

As the operator of our own processing plant (1999-2013), our processes were not developed at the drawing table but tested live – in countless campaigns and multi-shift continuous operations. Today we operate a Technical Research Center in Hilchenbach, where our development and testing work is focused and where we offer our customers trials with their own materials.

Our scope of supply includes not only the supply of machine and plant technology, but also the integration into existing buildings or sites, logistics planning, support through approval processes and discussions with authorities, as well as support in selling the products manufactured.

The special requirements of our customers do not have to adapt to our machines and plants. We analyze and implement the exact solution that ensures maximum benefit for our customers. We are flexible and keep a 360° focus on all process steps in scrap and metal processing. Times and markets change, and so do requirements. SICON is always at the forefront of developments for the benefit of our customers; we want to offer a service, an understanding for customer needs which is unique in the market.

We rely on lean structures and fast decision-making processes. SICON customers have a partner at their side who is not simply a supplier but develops tailor-made solutions that are economically and ecologically effective.

Technical Research Center

The new SICON Technical Centre (TRC) has been in operation since 2018. Here we are able to present our customers with a specific selection of SICON machines. From the flexibly adjustable air classifier to various EcoShred® shredders and the SICON LaserSort, a wide range of applications for scrap and metal processing can be demonstrated in a practical manner.

The TRC is always worth a visit. Embedded in the beautiful landscape at the edge of the Rothaargebirge mountains, it is centrally located in Hilchenbach, only 15 minutes from the motorway. Guests are welcome to experience the hospitality of the SICON team and are professionally looked after during the test runs.

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Vision & Mission

More than 20 years, we have helped customers in over 30 countries install recycling processes or improve their existing processes. We work together with local partners to optimally serve the needs of our customers

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