Coolant Scrap production

Coolant Scrap has an important function in the steel production as well as in the Primary Metallurgy (BOF) and the Secondary Metallurgy. Especially the latter needs a Coolant Scrap of defined chemical composition at a high bulk density (≥ 2 t/m³) and a large surface area, preferably a spherical shape.

Coolant Scrap is usually made from production scrap with a known and defined chemical composition. With the EcoShred® Vertec series, SICON has a vertical shredder that was specifically designed for this application and produces Coolant Scrap that best meets the requirements of the steelworks.

The feed material is successively densified over 4 grinding levels. The geometry of Vertec´s stator and rotor parts is individually adapted to the respective feed material. By means of corresponding simulations but also access to test plants an optimal design can be achieved.

SICON also takes care of necessary suitable material feeding and downstream, including dust collection. Individual adaptation to customer-specific requirements and the product is carried out here as well.

The homogeneity and flow ability of Coolant Scrap is of great importance for steelworks. The EcoShred® Vertec with downstream special screening ensures that these requirements are met. And all this with an automation that makes a plant operator superfluous. SICON develops your Coolant Scrap project from the initial idea to the implementation of the entire plant. Of course, we are also happy to put our experience to work in the service of retrofitting and optimization.

SICON develops your coolant scrap project from the initial idea to the realisation of the entire plant. Of course, we are also happy to put our experience at the service of retrofits and optimisations.


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