Social Commitment

As a planner and constructor of recycling plants, we focus on sustainability and the efficient use of resources. Social commitment is in this regard just as important as our developments and process optimizations.


We also provide regular support to the “Ring anerkannter Blindenwerkstätten”, an organization of workshops for the blind and visually impaired, which frequently have difficulty selling their handmade products since they are usually sold well above the market price.


SICON also makes financial contributions to the German Red Cross and American Red Cross and supports people and families who are in need through no fault of their own due to natural disasters, for instance, the tsunamis in the Indian Ocean in 2004, the earthquakes in Pakistan and on Haiti in 2010 and Hurricane “Katrina” which ravaged the southern part of the US in 2005. Both Red Cross Organizations are usually the first to respond on site and thus need quick financial support to aid their efforts to assist people in need.


In Belgium, we actively support “Rock Aid – Rock Music for a Good Cause”, an annual music festival that takes place close to the German border and the proceeds of which are used completely to help disadvantaged and disabled persons living in the German/Belgian border region.


In Germany, the volunteer fire departments are an important part of the emergency services and, with their members, make a significant contribution to local fire protection coverage!

As in 2013/14, SICON is again supporting the Hilchenbach Fire Department in 2021/22 with the purchase of a 9-seater bus. The vehicle is completely financed by sponsors and serves the fire department as a personnel transporter for exercises and excursions.

SICON also made an active contribution by sponsoring the purchase of the trailer for the Hilchenbach youth fire department.
The commitment includes the financial participation in the acquisition costs for the next 6 years.

We are happy to once again make a small contribution to ensuring that young people can experience fun and seriousness at the same time in the Hilchenbach Fire Department and endorse the way the city's youth fire department works with young people. The commitment is long-term and contributes to mobility, one of our most important freedoms.

And, last but not least, we started to do without expensive Christmas presents and instead make an annual donation to different organizations that focus on combatting rare but currently incurable diseases. Those affected frequently have difficulties finding support, since the pharmaceutical companies that carry out research mainly focus on more common diseases. The prospective profit margin for very rare diseases is significantly smaller, which in our eyes results here in inequality. That is why we have taken up their cause to help them and hope that we can give research for rare diseases a small push with our donations while also striving to raise awareness among the general public about lesser known diseases:

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