EcoShred® Libtec

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SICON’s EcoShred Libtec is a hammer mill with a horizontal disc rotor for reversible operation (using  both sides of the impact tools) or with an ejector door for heavy parts discharge. The hammer mills are characterized by a unique quality and robustness, which show their superiority in the daily hard use in shredder residue and electronic scrap processing.

The EcoShred Libtec series incorporates the experience gained from more than 15 years of shredder residue processing. The hammer mills developed from this experience are characterized by:

  • easily replaceable wear parts,
  • a segmented screen for faster screen replacement of the worn segments,
  • a counter knife that can be adjusted from outside during operation,
  • frequency-controlled drives for adapting the rotation speed according to the shredding product.

The result is optimized material disintegration, minimizing the production of fines.

Furthermore, the rotor is designed with a significantly larger hammer circle than competing products, resulting in quieter operation and significantly higher throughput at reduced energy costs. The welded structure for holding the hammer axles is made of special steel, on which the hammers (up to 4 rows) are suspended. The rotor shaft is supported in robust double-row spherical roller bearings with adapter sleeves.

In addition, the EcoShred Libtec is equipped with two adjustable anvils (wear plates). These are located at the beginning of the rotor intake area and serve mainly to protect the discharge grid segments below. The anvils are each movably suspended on axles in the upper part of the housing and can be adjusted from the outside via threaded spindles. They each consist of a welded base body, to which wear plates are bolted. The wear plates are made of Hardox 500 to protect the interior of the housing. The design allows for uncomplicated replacement.

The EcoShred Libtec is designed with six grate basket segments located in the lower part of the housing. The individual segments are replaceable. The segments in the lower part of the housing are inserted from above. The grate basket segments are available with different screen perforations. The size of the perforation regulates the final grain size of the crushed material.

SICON matches the details of the machine design exactly to your material (e.g. hammer design and configuration).

For safe continuous operation, the EcoShred Libtec can be combined with the SICON AirKnife so that heavy particles are safely kept out of the mill. There are currently hammer mills in operation in multiple shifts that have not had to be opened unplanned for more than 10,000 production hours. Alternatively, an ejector door can be installed. The reversible operation and the larger screening area make the combination of the EcoShred Libtec in conjunction with the SICON AirKnife a very attractive solution.

The EcoShred Libtec is the answer to today’s shredder residue and electronic scrap shredding requirements. Safe operation, very low operating costs and an optimal end product for further processing – that is the only way processing can be economically feasible.

Technical specifications

EcoShred® Libtec 
Throughput [mt/h]up to 60
Weight [kg/lbs]up to 36,000 / 80,000
Infeed grain size [mm/ich]up to 300 / 12
Infeed size [mm/inch]up to 350 x 2,500 / 14 x 100
Power [kW/HP]up to 350 / 475
Output grain sizeDepending on screen design

Your benefits at a glance

  • easily replaceable wear parts
  • segmented screen for faster screen replacement of the worn segments
  • a counter knife that can be adjusted from outside during operation,
  • frequency-controlled drives for adapting the rotation speed


Data Sheet EcoShred® Libtec

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