Best performing Permanent magnet drum

The preferred equipment for ferrous separation by shredder operators has conventionally been the electro magnet, generally operating in an overflow mode. Today, both practices are considered to be outdated with increasing problems of copper impurities within the shredded scrap.


SICON has addressed the arising issue of gradual increase of copper in shredded scrap early on; identifying the design flow in magnet drums as the underlying cause for the problem. We have adapted our equipment to perform the task more efficiently. Our efforts led to the development of the MagSpin as the best solution to tackle the task of improving quality of shredded scrap.

MagSpin is part of SICON’s unique ScrapTuning® Ferrous Downstream which reduces the OPEX of any other Downstream significantly.

Working width 1.400 – 2.800 mm (55” – 110”) Custom sizes available upon request.
Diameter 1.020 – 1.800 mm (40” – 71”) Custom sizes available upon request.
Magnet drum MagSpin

The SICON MagSpin guarantees: Cleaner shredder scrap due to more intensive polarity change (flipping effect) - No more loss of nuggets in the shredder residues - Extreme durability and minimum operating costs - Reduced effort for manual sorting.

MagSpin - Your benefits at a glance

  • Alternating polarity causes ferrous material to flip around and achieve better cleaning results
  • Steady and constant magnetic force across entire working widt
  • Side panels used as guide plates improve control over material flow
  • Individually replaceable, bolted wear plates
  • Separation in underflow operation mode
  • Highest production quality of built in parts and machinery to ensure long lifetime and highest reliability
  • No heating up of the magnet, always the same performance, no loss of nuggets during the day (electro magnets often lose nuggets, due performance decrease)
  • Easy maintenance, much lower OPEX than with electromagnets
  • Multiple poles made of barium ferrite permanent magnets create an evenly distributed magnetic field
  • Wear shells constructed of non magnetic, wear resistant, hard manganese steel
  • Driven by geared motor
  • Robustly built to demanding standards for a long lifespan

The MagSpin pays off!

If you also want to adapt your sorting to the state of the art, we will be happy to submit a solution proposal to you. Not only does the shredder scrap quality improve, but the recovery rate of non-ferrous metals also increases. You will see the advantages month after month in the operating result.

Alternating polarity of polesFlipping effect on the shredCleaner shred
Consistent magnetic force across entire magnet surfaceFull use of magnet on the complete widthCleaner shred across the entire width of magnet
Consistently higher throughput
Replaceable, bolted wear shellsEasily replaceableLower maintenance costs / lower downtime

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