The solution for better quality shredded scrap

Every steelmaker and shredder operator is interested in generating a low-copper shredded scrap on a reliable quality basis at no additional costs. With ScrapTuning SICON had developed a system that meets this requirement. The innovative combination of ideal separation of long elements, an optimized air sifting and meatball separation leads to a cleaner shredded scrap. SICON AirSort separation system reliably separates debris and exposed copper strands / cables. Copper-rich fractions are separated from low-copper shredded scrap with the aid of a ballistic meatball separator. For instance, 25% of the otherwise usual quantity of material are supplied to a manual sorting process. The integration of a SICON X-RF sorter completely eliminates the need for manual sorting.

SICON ScrapTuning can also be integrated in existing systems. An offline installation is also possible and is very interesting for steel mills when it comes to improving the quality of shredded scrap. The SICON team provides individual advice and adapts the system to the specific local conditions.

High quality shredded scrap. High recovery of NF metals

SICON ScrapTuning not only has a positive effect on the quality of the shredded scrap, but increases at the same time the recovery of NF metals. The fact that significantly less copper is lost in the shredded scrap means that there are more NF metals available for the NF downstream. The additional amount of NF metals recovered pays for the ScrapTuning process within a short period of time, in many cases within just a few months. Contact our specialists to obtain further information. They would be happy to prepare a business case for you!

The separated copper meatballs can be prepared using by the SICON Meatball Process and separated into copper and FE Metals.

Input Material

Output Material

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