EcoScanTM Online

Scrap analyzer for shredded scrap

The use of shredded scrap for steelproduction has significant metallurgical benefits. Shorter tap-to-tap times, a faster filling of the scrap baskets or the melting furnace and e.g. reduced electrode costs. Nevertheless, the use of shredded scrap in many plants is not only limited due to furnace technology. Rather, increasing quality problems have been revealed in recent years which are clearly visible in successively increasing and extremely fluctuating copper contents.

The incalculable fluctuations limit the use of shredded scrap, especially for those steel grades that allow only a very low copper content. Instead more raw iron or DRI / HBI is often used. As a rule this is associated with higher costs and a poorer CO2 balance but in total safer for production.

SICON has developed a two-stage solution for the steel industry that makes shredded scrap recovery even more rewarding. With the EcoScan online SICON has developed the first reliable and economical online solution that gives permanent transparency of the chemical parameters of the shredded scrap as well as on the bulk density. Thus, the optimum amount of shredded scrap can be added. Worst-case considerations are no longer necessary.

The advantages of online analysis become fully available when they are connected to the SICON ScrapTuning. ScrapTuning is a solution specially developed for steel mills that cleans shredded scrap to achieve guaranteed copper contents of <0.15-0.20 and to increase the FE content through a specific cleaning process.

ScrapTuning makes it possible to upgrade low-quality shredded scrap, which is sometimes cheaper to buy, at a low cost. Shredder scrap thus becomes an alternative to pig iron, DRI / HBI, also for long steel production.

ScrapTuning and EcoScan Online are networked and completely automated. An integration into the control system of the smelting operation is easily feasible. The scrap insert is thus completely transparent and can be optimized.

Your benefits at a glance

• Permanent control of copper content in shredded scrap (and other elements as well)
• Control of bulk density
• Individual integration into existing systems
• Intelligent alarm system
• Detailed documentation system
• In addition: Online control of the “Chemistry of copper chops”

EcoScanTM Online is the first compact and cost-effective online analyzer that enables online inspection of scrap quality.

Data sheet EcoScanTM Online

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