Clean shredded scrap – reliable and cost efficient

SICON’s PrimeScrap is used for efficient cleaning of shredded scrap to have meatballs, non-ferrous materials or non-metal materials removed from the main material stream.


Material is introduced on a vibrating pan feeder and is transported via chute to the conveying belt of the PrimeScrap where it is accelerated to 20 ft/s (6 m/sec). The material is passed on to the head drum which is equipped with a magnet system where it is being ejected. Nearly all non-magnetic objects are removed from the material main stream and are delivered to a separate chute.

The PrimeScrap combines highly efficient shredder scrap cleaning with a high throughput volume.

PrimeScrap - Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduction of handpicking cost up to 75 %
  • Only 25 % of the material stream remains for handpicking or automated sorting
  • Highest steel mill requirements are met
  • Shortest amortization periods due to additional non-ferrous profits and reduced labour cost
  • Improved quality of shredded scrap by reducing copper-impurities
  • Lowest operating costs due to specifically developed heavy-duty design for the scrap industry
  • Easy and cost-efficient integration into any system
PrimeScrap250 x 1000250 x 2000
Working width [mm/inch]1,000 / 402,000 / 80
Throughput * [mt/h]max. 75max. 225
Dimensions [m/inch]9.35 x 2 x 3.4 / 390 x 80 x 1309.35 x 3 x 3.4 / 390 x 118 x 130
Belt speed [m/s / inch/s]3-6 / 120-2403-6 / 120-240
Belt drive [kW/HP]2.2 / 32.2 / 3
Channel drive [kW/HP]2 x 0.747 / 2.7 x 0.92 x 0.747 / 2 x 0.9

* Depending on material composition and bulk density. Sizes up to 2.500 mm in 500 mm steps are available on request.

With our new setting parameters, the PrimeScrap can be perfectly customized for our customers to achieve the best results!


In addition to the settings shown in the illustration, the splitter, the field strength of the magnet and the belt speed can be adjusted – this makes the PrimeScrap suitable for many materials!

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