(A)SR Basic

The perfect basis for the complete separation of non-ferrous metals

Reliable shredder residue processing starts with the (A)SR Basic system. A perfect match of equipment for ferrous metal separation, screening, classification, non-ferrous metal separation and FinesTuning® makes the system exceedingly efficient.


Based on the interaction of these units, (A)SR Basic ensures the complete separation of NF-metals (Zorba) down to a fines fraction of less than 1 mm in diameter.


(A)SR Basic is a fully automated system that can be connected directly to a shredding plant or used as stand-alone unit.

SICON also supplies individual upgrades for existing lines. If you want to improve the performance of your plant, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts. As all other SICON solutions, (A)SR Basic has been designed as a modular system; we can also implement the unique advantages of our technical solutions in older systems.

(A)SR Basic

The (A)SR Basic from SICON provides a complete plant for the processing of shredder residues in one system!

(A)SR Basic - Your benefits at a glance

  • Shredder residue processing in a single system (Fe metal separation, screening and classification, NF-metal separation, FinesTuning®)
  • Optional: Large material feed bunker for uncoupling from actual shredding process, eliminates peak loads and ensures uniform and perfect metal separation
  • Multi-stage screening/classification with self-cleaning function of the drum screening machine and flip-flow screen
  • Optional scales for weighing input material flow and end products
  • Optional AirSort® technology to optimize metal separation
  • Intelligent process data logging software (weights, operating hours, problems, etc.)
  • Throughputs of up to 80 t/h possible


Shredder residues


Product video

This video shows the operation, modular design and advantages of shredder processing. It also describes the input and output materials in more detail.


Duration: 5.00 minutes

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