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SICON's Managing Director Heiner Guschall is an internationally acclaimed talk guest and guest speaker in the field of metal and plastics processing. On this page you can see some of his public appearances and speeches.


Heiner Guschall as guest at Primetals Technologies' PIONEERS TALK

On May 3, 2022, another broadcast of PIONEERS TALK took place at Primetals Technologies’ headquarters in Linz. The topic of the event was “How crafted scrap supports the production of quality steel and reduces CO2″.

Moderator Christoph Stangl discussed the following topics with his guests, among others:
• how “crafted scrap” enables the production of high-quality steel and reduces CO2 emissions
• how “conventional scrap” can be converted into “crafted scrap”, and
• how essential the automation of production and logistics processes is in a steel factory.

Heiner Guschall as guest speaker at the bvse industry forum 2022 on the topic: Quality offensive scrap

In view of the wide range of regulations as well as the “Green Deal” and the “Circular Economy Action Plan”, changes are occurring for scrap as a recycling material. The scrap industry is facing increasing challenges, as higher demands will be placed on the secondary raw material scrap in the future, especially as steel production is to become more climate-friendly.

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