AirKnife Classifier

Better quality and operational safety through perfect separation

The AirKnife air classifier was primarily developed for the separation of stainless steel and other heavy particles in Zurik refining plants to protect downstream shredding stages. The SICON AirKinfe has multiple setting options to ensure the desired separation result.


A further application of the AirKnife is the cleaning of shredder scrap before manual sorting, in order to separate wire and waste still contained in the shredder as light material. Tests have shown that more than 96% of the cables still contained after magnetic separation can be separated. The SICON AirKnife is a sensible alternative to the Z-sifters still widely used today.  The adjustment options are more versatile, the operational reliability higher and the operating costs significantly lower.


Working Widths: 1,000 – 2,500 mm


AirKnife integrated in Fe-Downstream

The SICON AirKnife is a sensible alternative to the Z-sifters still widely used today.

AirKnife - Your benefits at a glance

  • Ready for easy integration into existing systems
  • Multiple adjustment possibilities (feeding speed, air volume, belt inclination etc.)
  • AirKnife as air sorter with optional closed loop system
  • Throughput up to >200 tph
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact design, easy access to all parts


For Fe-Downstream

  • Cables are separated before manual sorting and no longer get lost in shredded scrap
  • Drastically reduced operating costs compared to conventional air classifiers


For Zurik and Cable Processing

  • No more heavy parts in the shredders
  • Increased operational safety in the lashing or cable preparation


Shredded scrap after magnetic drum


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