EcoRip® Neo Pre-Shredder

The basis for a more efficient shredder process

Processing shredder feedstock with the aid of EcoRip always makes good sense both technically and economically. The SICON EcoRip Pre-Shredder is characterized by a high output at defined particle sizes and is also especially easy to maintain. That makes the EcoRip Series the benchmark in terms of technology and efficiency when it comes to processing shredder feedstock.

The EcoRip is ideal for both pre-shredding mixed scrap with an optional integrated screening step as alternative to a guillotine shear, as well as for pre-shredding shredder input material prior to loading onto a shredder infeed conveyor. The SICON EcoRip can also be flexibly used as an effective stand- alone solution or can be subsequently added to an existing system.

Its key advantages include an improvement in the performance of the main shredder by up to 30 % with increased reliability (reduced wear and tear and decrease in emissions) as well as lower energy costs (kWh/mt of Fe output) with improved quality of scrap (higher density).
In order to realise the advantages of the EcoRip Neo, the control system of the main shredder is adapted by a SICON automation system.

The EcoRip Neo leads to a considerable improvement in the performance of your shredder plant with reduced specific total cost of ownership. The result is a significantly improved competitive situation for your company.

EcoRip Neo is an economical alternative to the classic guillotine shear for pre-shredding mixed scrap with subsequent screening and Fe separation.

Your benefits at a glance

Advantages of EcoRip with integrated screening of mixed scrap
  • Generating a homogeneous and coarse-grained scrap
  • Material preparation for an efficient sorting of NF metals with integrated Fe separation
  • Efficient separation of inert and magnetic fines (oxides)
  • Optimized and faster loading of sea containers for scrap export
  • Lower specific investment costs compared to conventional shredder systems
Metallurgical advantages
  • Optimization of filling process of scrap baskets thanks to increase in bulk density of mixed scrap and thus improved use of space
  • Decrease in number of scrap baskets used smelting process
  • Higher metallurgical yields and thus lower quantities of slag
  • Reduction in specific energy costs per ton of raw steel


EcoRip as upstream addition to a shredder line

  • Pre-shredding of bales, auto bodies, mixed scrap – use of bales is thus also possible in smaller shredders
  • Separation of inert fines with the aid of integrated screens upstream of the main shredder
  • Increase in performance of main shredder (by up to 30 %) with corresponding adaptation of electronic control system of the main shredder
  • Significant decrease in wear and tear of main shredder
  • Prevention of explosions occurring in the main shredder, thus decrease in emissions
  • The combination of EcoRip and main shredder enables SICON’s dry AirTuning exhaust purification process – Fully automatic operation of entire shredding system possible
  • Increase in scrap density due to full box shredding
  • Increase in recovery of NF metals thanks to improved preparation
  • Quality control of baled scrap
  • Prevention of unshreddables being fed into the main shredder, thus resulting in a significantly improved operational reliability

Technical specifications

 EcoRip® 200 NeoEcoRip® 250 Neo
Feed width [mm]2,0002,500
Top rotor (slow moving) [kW/PS]120 / 160 205 / 279
Bottom rotor (fast moving) [kW/PS]335 / 455710 / 965
Flipper [kW/HP]22 / 3037 / 50
Top rotor (adjustable) [min–1]3-63-6
Bottom rotor (adjustable) [min-1]14-2014-22
Output [mt/h]
Output [t/h]: Mixed scrap, ELVsUp to 70Up to 100
Output [t/h]: Bale density < 0.8 t/m³/50 lbs/ft³Up to 40Up to 70
Output [t/h]: Bale density < 1.0 t/m³ /62 lbs/ft³Up to 30Up to 50-60

Input Material


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