EcoShred® Compact

State-of-the-art shredder technology through combined pre- and main shredder

For many years, large-capacity shredding installations were reserved primarily to a small group of financially larger scrap processors. The advantage of the EcoShred Compact made shredder technology also available to small- and medium-sized scrap processors and automobile recyclers. With the EcoShred Compact, SICON relies on state-of-the-art shredder technology integrated in a modular and economically viable system. Both the technical characteristics and the low necessary infrastructure costs are impressive.

The EcoShred Compact is equipped with an integrated pre-shredder, which is implemented as a twin-shaft shredder system with flipper. The combination of pre-shredder and main shredder entails significant advantages.

Advantages of an integrated pre-shredder

  • Scrap is ripped by the pre-shredder and afterwards compacted directly by the main shredder to an optimum
  • The risk of explosions is decreased significantly
  • Unshreddables do not enter the shredder, which results in an improved operational reliability
  • Prevention of any peak loads in the main shredder (uniform power consumption)
  • Bales can also be processed with a driving power of 1,000 kW

EcoShred® Compact represents innovation in combination. With a system based on finely tuned components, SICON focuses on better performance and energy efficiency. Pre-shredder and shredder combined in one system results in a significant reduction of the specific energy consumption per ton of shredded scrap. The finely tuned shredding stages lead to a fully automatic operation. That means, the system can be monitored by a single crane operator. It is no longer necessary to construct a separate infrastructure buildin. The entire concept is designed with extraordinary ease of operation and maintenance in mind. In addition to that, the EcoShred Compact offers many features that make working on and with the shredder more economic and safe than with all other machines available nowadays on the market.

EcoShred Compact


Rotor, hydraulically replaceable

Wear plates

Drive and automation

EcoShred® Compact process results in a high and consistent scrap density and thus a correspondingly good material preparation – with clear advantages for the recovery of NF metals. EcoShred® Compact forms the basis for the efficient operation of a shredder system.

The EcoShred® Compact has many features that make working on and with the shredder more economical and safer than with any other machine available on the market today.

EcoShred® Compact - Your benefits at a glance

  • Shredder with integrated EcoRip® pre-shredder in one system
  • High scrap density and very good material preparation by means of full box shredding
  • Prevention of explosions through material preparation upstream of main shredder
  • Heavy components are already identified and separated in the pre-shredder – that protects the rotor elements in the main shredder from any damage
  • Prevention of peak loads with optimum energy management system
  • Significantly higher output by means of an intelligent system combination as conventional shredder with the same driving power
  • Easy but safe access for changing wear parts with maximum operator safety
  • Significant decrease in investment with regard to power supply (low voltage 400 V / 460 V vs. high voltage 6/11 kV)
  • Quick and easy installation as a result of reduced requirements on infrastructure (for instance, a simple foundation slab is sufficient and no separate operations building is required)

End-of-life Vehicles

Shredded scrap

Scrap bales

Shredded scrap

Shredded scrap

Shredded scrap

Mixed scrap

Shredded scrap

Shredding has never been easier

The EcoShred Compact® is the basis for the economical operation of a shredder plant. At the end of the process, there is a high and uniform scrap density and correspondingly good material disintegration – with advantages for non-ferrous metal recovery.

EcoShred® Compact
Shredder weight [mt]150
Rotor [mt]12.5
Rotor designDisk rotor with protective covers, other rotor variations possible
Width of feed chute [mm]2,000
Production of shredded scrap at 1,000 kW (1,360 HP [mt/h output])35-45
Pre-shredder integratedYes
Scrap density [t/m³]> 1.1
Rotor lift mechanismIncluded
Main drive conceptAC
Energy supplyLow voltage
Flicker effects, load on the power grid during peak loadsNo
Separate operator panelNot necessary
Shredder controlBy crane operator via mobile tablet
Building for hydraulic unit and electricalNot necessary, integrated in system concept
Reinforced foundationNot necessary
AutomationCompletely automated
Dust removal volumeReduced dust removal volume, dust removal systems are offered and designed on the basis of the customer’s specific requirements
Occupational safetyComprehensive safety concept

Product video

This video explains the operation of the pre-shredder and the main shredder, and further describes the input and output materials in more detail.


Duration: 4.15 minutes

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