ICW Processing

Copper recovery from fines

Many systems for shredder residue treatment produce only a ZURIK fraction that contains a metal content between 30 and 85 %. The metal content here is mixed because integral components include stainless steel as well as copper and aluminum cables. The solution implemented in the (A)SR Premium system which separates all metal residues, even the finest copper conductors, also permits an implementation as a standalone unit. As a result, SICON achieves, in addition to the conventional sensor-based separation, a very efficient separation process which ultimately yields high-grade copper and aluminum granulate. This is also possible for shredder plant operators who rely on less efficient system solutions than those from SICON. SICON experts would also be happy to integrate their advanced SICON processing solutions in existing systems.

Input Material

Output Material


Your benefits at a glance

  • Gentle and reliable material preparation with little energy input
  • Reliable separation of foreign material prior to granulation; this completely prevents damage to the crushing tools
  • Granulators of extremely rugged design and with intensive wear protection for long service life at low cost
  • Clean and complete separation of stainless steel
  • Separation into clean copper and aluminum granulate
  • Throughputs of 1-10 t/h

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