Plastics Separation with a purity of >99 %

With PolyFloat, SICON is defining new standards in the separation of plastics. 99.4 % is the new benchmark for product purity that our thoroughly innovative and yet mature system can produce. Perfectly matched processes within the system make it suitable for recycling PE/PP, ABS/PS from any source especially (A)SR and E-Scrap. Preventing the formation of harmful air bubbles, the unique lamellar separation system ensures that PolyFloat is the best investment – for higher product purities and better product marketing opportunities.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Maximum efficiency, fully-automated plastics separation technology in a single system with shredder, metal separation and cleaning process
  • Integrated lamellar separation system (prevents formation of air bubbles)
  • Recycling of PE/PP, ABS/PS and other plastic materials as well as WEEE (specific density of 0.9 to 1.4 g/cm3) – independent of color
  • Easy integration into existing plants
  • Wastewater-free process
  • Throughputs of up to 12 mt/h
  • Customisation and system integration

Learn more in our product video!

Application example

Input Material

Output Material


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