Scrap cleaning

Not all scrap is the same! Different origins, different suppliers, different qualities. But what if your added value depends on the scrap quality? We offer cleaning systems for both HMS and shredder scrap that ensure you continuous good scrap quality.

It’s all about throughput and quality: SICON HMS Cleaning systems run at an average of 180 mt/h and up to 300 mt/h at peak speeds. Nevertheless, the plants are compact and robust at the same time. If it should be a little less, we are also happy to offer you the HMS Cleaning mobile systems for 50 mt/h.

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Sounds fancy – and it is: Thanks to its modular concept, ScrapTuning® can be equipped completely individually and includes the modules Fe separation (MagSpin), screening, air classification (AirKnife, AirSort®), dedusting, copper separation (PrimeScrap), hand picking, scrap analysis (EcoScan® Online) with certificate of the scrap quality achieved.

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Real-time quality reporting

How “good” is the scrap? What is actually in it? Some plants use hundreds of thousands of tons of scrap annually and only know the composition when the scrap is in the furnace. The SICON EcoScan® Online provides you with the Fe content, copper and other data of your choice before you use the scrap!

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Coolant scrap production

Sounds special, because it is: cooling scrap has a particularly important function in steel production and must therefore continuously meet special quality requirements: High bulk density, high surface area, no impurities. SICON cooling scrap plants are specially designed for this application.

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Shredders provide the most important input material for EAF steelmaking: Combined shredder and EAF mills aim particularly at “steel mill quality” in scrap production: Our shredders can be adapted exactly to these requirements and equipped with the appropriate downstream.

Pre-shredders are usually used to pre-treat shredder pre-material and thus increase the performance of the downstream shredding machines, while at the same time helping to prevent load peaks and explosions.

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Small but powerful: With up to 800 HP, our Slimtec shredder can shred entire vehicle bodies, reaching up to 15-18 mt/h. Easy installation, compact design, hydraulically retractable rotor, optimal for very flexible applications.

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The compact world champion: Pre- and main shredder in one machine. This is the EcoShred® Compact for throughput rates of up to 40 mt/h. Thanks to the pre-shredder, even whole packages and dense scrap can be fed in and processed into shredded scrap without any problems.

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The Vertec vertical shredder series is ideal for the production of coolant scrap. The machines can shred up to 10 mt/h in size classes S to XXL and are the core of the coolant scrap preparation, which also includes screening and handling of special input material.

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